Grand Junction Rescue Mission

Lighthouse Gospel Ministries
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Sunday Services 10:30 am
550 South Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501
United States


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Grand Junction Rescue Mission 

In 1983 I left salt lake city with a van full of food and my family and headed to colorado springs co to start a rescue mission, but God had other plans. We hit a deer outside of Salida ut and stopped in grand junction co to have it fixed. After three days and much prayer, I decided to stay in grand junction, and i called colorado springs and told them I wasn’t coming. Over the course of 36 years, God has supplied every need, and i thank him for it. in 2000, we built a new mission, and it’s all paid for now. About 6 years ago, we built a new men’s shelter, and that is all paid for. we take your donations and put them to use right here in grand junction, and we thank everyone who has donated anything to the Mission without your help we could not make it.

We had a thrift store for over 25 years, and then two years ago, they chose to sell the property, and we had to close it down that took about $45,000.00 out of the Mission, so we had to do something different.

About seven years ago, we started doing firewood to raise money for the Mission, and that has turned into a full tree service. We have done over 400 jobs in the last four years, and we still sell firewood. Esau is our licensed tree trimmer, and Rooster is our ground man. If you need any tree work done in the Grand Valley, give us a call at 243-4230 we will come and give you a free estimate.

The Mission is sleeping Men Now – Breakfast is served at 7 am and Supper at 5 pm.

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The Mission is sleeping Men Now - Breakfast is served at 7 am and Supper at 5 pm.

Sunday Services are 10:30 am - Updates To Follow  | R & M Tree Services available as Normal